Worried about what it will take to stay ahead of the pack in marketing in 2019?

Which trends and techniques will take center-stage and how you will keep up with them? With the needs and interests of customers evolving every other day in a world where technology is shaping and reshaping systems and process, as a marketer you have to be concerned.

However, worry not this guide enumerates the marketing trends to expect in 2019. It also discusses the tactics and strategies that will help you optimize your marketing techniques to boost brand awareness as well as keep ahead of the competition.

This guide discusses six trends that will influence marketing in 2019. We present the guide in a way that’s easy to digest.

1. Influencer Marketing

The traditional ads are gradually being edged out by a new form of advertising; people nowadays tend to put more trust in popular content and testimonies from those that they know. This trend gels well with a Nielsen study of 2015 that ranked the most-trusted advertising sources as people you know, branded sites, editorial sites, and reviews.

In a digital world, online influencers refer to digital gurus such as bloggers whose works behind keyboards shape the perception of a potential consumer towards a product or service. They do this by posting compelling testimonials and product reviews for various items. Other influencers have a commanding voice that through digital devices reaches to mass audiences and informs them about their experiences using a product. The trend of online influence is set to grow and evolve in 2019 to match consumers change.

Thus, in 2019 and beyond, influencer and content marketing, and referral partnerships will have a significant impact on consumers. As a marketer, you can utilize them to boost sales and build your brand.

2. Mobile phones

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Mobile phones have become more popular over the last decade revolutionizing the way consumers receive and share information. Smartphones have become ubiquitous and are a faithful companion to many people. Mobile phones have become a powerful tool in advertising. Research shows that a staggering 1.2 billion people worldwide use mobiles with the number set to rise every year. The latest digital and technological innovations in the smartphone arena provide a fruitful avenue for marketers to reach potential clients.

Studies show that people spend an average of 2.8 hours daily on their mobile phones, most of this time utilized visiting social media. The essence of mobile advertising is mentioned by another study pointing out that by 2019, 79% of the advertiser’s revenue in the US will be spent on mobile advertising. With 88% of people who use their mobile phones to search for local businesses visiting them within 24 hours, the immense potential of mobile ads is evident. Mobile marketing campaigns are set to pay off for your brand. To tap from this, you should create a mobile marketing strategy for your business for 2019 and beyond.

3. Artificial intelligence

The significant technological strides of the yesteryears have and continue to evolve and usher in new trends that are shaping marketing. One of them is artificial intelligence, which is characterized by the continuous development of machine learning. We’re moving to a future of data-driven businesses and ‘smart’ industries. The technological advancements cut across all sectors from manufacturing to healthcare, construction and manufacturing, and banking, among others. Widespread application of robotization, data management, and automation will make real things previously considered inconceivable. You should thus align your marketing processes to a world where virtually every product, service or solution is smart. Business keen on offering helpful services and customer experience will have to leverage on the power technology.

4. Superior Video content

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Live video is already a common phenomenon in the social media and the business environment. Its popularity as a marketing strategy can only grow in 2019. At an age when the attention span of the audience is shrinking, live video will help marketers stand out. Live videos help attract customers, increase sales and expand on brand knowledge.

Your business will have to create compelling content that is well optimized for the ever-changing web sphere to influence prospects. In the last couple of years, content presented in the form of blogs, product review, eBooks and papers were the rage but not anymore as video content is taking over. Surveys estimate that a third of all online activity time is utilized watching videos. Brands will have to integrate best videos, infographics, and visuals as basic marketing strategies.

Effective use of video content in marketing will benefit from live streaming, which is best exemplified by Facebook live. Real-time stream video streams, which appeals to audiences owing to its spontaneity, will allow your brand to interact with customers on the go.

Your business should aim for superior video content, presented and shared innovatively and which allows interaction with viewers through comments or Q&A sessions.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

We are already in an era where the seamless interconnectedness of digital devices rules the world. Such devices have enabled interactions with humans and the environment. These IoT devices are expected to evolve and enable devices that are connected to the web to interact in real time with people. We are already in a time where fridges can be programmed to request refills orders from online stores. What more can a marketer dream of in the future? In the years ahead, this is poised to grow further where the products in the hands of consumer churn out useful data. As a marketer, your business will benefit from the ability to leverage on such data.

6. Customer experience

Customer experience has always been the marketing focus of the modern business. In creating effective marketing strategies, your company should focus on the interest of your customers.

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Customers expect brands to communicate with them in ways that they prefer. Marketers must thus be knowledgeable of the modes of communication that their customers like. For instance, do consumers prefer searching for a service through voice or text searches? Do they prefer to learn about a new product through email marketing, reviews or offline methods?

Analysts predict that by 2020, almost half of all web searches will be done through voice searches.

Customer-centric strategies will entail businesses understanding how their customers communicate and optimizing their systems to suit accordingly.

Take action

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Predicting the marketing trends for 2019 and preparing the most effective ways to engage with your customer then is a worthy endeavor. The preparation will help you make better decisions, operate more efficiently and save money.

When you understand the marketing trends and see how technology is pushing innovation, then you can prepare for success in 2019. You need to make your organization more ready and acceptable to these six marketing trends that we discussed. When you prepare your marketing budget to include new tactics for the future, then your chances of you moving ahead of your competitors are exponentially increased. We wish you much success in marketing your product or services in 2019.

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